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Lighting the way

  • Head ReLife aesthetics, Ireland, Fergus Gallagher shares how combining the U-LIFE range of products with light treatment works for him and his skin.

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Seasonal suffering

  • Dry skin can have life-altering effects for sufferers and their families, as Catherine Markey discovered when her daughter developed the condition. She shares how RELIFE Relizema cream has helped to ease her daughter’s discomfort and treat her progressively painful symptoms.

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Stress and the skin

  • Orla Carroll – a student at Maynooth University – has suffered from eczema since she was very young and finds that at times of stress in her life she experiences flare-ups. Her recent introduction to RELIFE has been a revelation to her, after years of trying to find something that would ease the irritation effectively.

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Finding comfort

  • Louise Sharkey’s daughter, Lauren (17), experienced extremely dry skin while undergoing treatment for acne. The RELIFE Relizema range offered comfort.

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