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The Skincare Sessions

All about acne

Acne affects almost 10% of the world’s population and in this video, midwife and influencer Jessica Sheridan, ( discusses her experience of living with acne. Plus, we introduce PapiX, our new skincare range specifically developed for oily, blemished or acneic skin.

Understanding psoriasis

Psoriasis awareness campaigner Zoe Ryan (@itchingtotellyou) discusses her experience of living with the condition. Plus, learn more about U-Life, a range of products containing urea, with hydrating and keratolytic action, suitable for dry, rough and thickened skin.

Hyperpigmentation 101

57% of patients said they were embarrassed by their hyperpigmentation and make-up artist Michelle Kinsella Lee (@michelle_kinsella_makeup) gives a make-up masterclass with tips for concealing areas of hyperpigmentation. Plus, we introduce Pigment Solution Program, a 3-in-1 system that is a clinically proven effective, non-medical program, for hyperpigmentation.

The stress-skin connection

Consultant dermatologist Professor Niki Ralph (@drnikiralph) speaks about the effect of stress on our skin, with insights on how it can trigger or exacerbate skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Plus, learn more about Relizema, a skincare range that helps adults and children manage atopic dermatitis, otherwise known as eczema and dermatitis.